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Dr Alejandro Arroyo

Canada / Arentina
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Dr AlejandroArroyo Arroyo

Alejandro Arroyo
has more than 30 years’ experience as operator and consultant in global project logistics, stakeholder management, environmental management, operations optimization, and strategic contextual assessment with respect to mining, oil and gas, hydropower, infrastructure, nuclear power and alternative energy projects. Alejandro has worked for and cooperated with a long list of well-known companies both in the natural resources and global transportation industry such as Pan American Silver, Silver Standard, Aura Minerals. Talisman Energy, Talon Metals, AECL-CANDU, Areva, ABB, Alstom, Galaxy Resources, FMC Lithium, Hunt Oil, ZIM Israel Navigation,  and many others.  He is at present lecturing on global operations, international business, and project-related topics at various universities in Latin America and Canada further to running his own company SOUTHMARK LOGISTICS with branches across South America and worldwide operations. His credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Business (UMM, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Master’s degree in Marine Economics and Operations (WMU, Malmo, Sweden), MBA in Marine Resource Management (AMC, Launceston, Australia), and Doctor of Project Management (REMIT University, Melbourne, Australia).

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