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Dr. Daniel Farai Zhou

Gautang, South Africa
South Africa Flag
Dr. DanielZhou Zhou

Dr. Daniel Farai Zhou is currently working for the Department of Human Settlements in South Africa as a programme management consultant. He is a board member of Kingdom Construction and Waste Management, a director of MZ Academic Books, non-executive director of Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory in Lesotho and South Africa, and holds the same position at Blu Cross Solutions (a company which specializes in small business incubation programmes).

Dr. Zhou is a former CEO of E`tsho Civils, as well as Oxford Construction and Consulting Engineers. He is also a former COO of Transfix Transformers, Totoro Properties, and E`tsho Holdings. He completed his PhD in Commerce and Administration (Cranefield), and is a certified project management professional (PMP) with 15 years’ experience in manufacturing and construction. His ORCID ID is He can be contacted via email at

Profile created 8 November 2021

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