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Dimitrios P. Kamsaris

Greece / UK
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DimitriosKamsaris Kamsaris

Prof. Dimitrios P. Kamsaris is the Chairman of the Academic Board and Vice President at Bilston Community College in the UK, responsible for International Affairs. He is a Professor of Organizational Behavior in Switzerland and Visiting Professor of Management and Marketing at Business Schools in UK, Denmark, France, Cyprus, and Greece. Prof. Kamsaris has completed postdoctoral education at Harvard University. He held CEO and managerial positions at: Coca-Cola, Sherwin Williams, Olympic Games of 2004, Shell and D Constructions.

Today, he is a strategic consultant in major companies and trainer of public & private sector executives in the U.K., Denmark, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Cyprus, Greece and Pakistan. He is published in numerous business, academic journals and books. Email:

Created August 2013

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