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Dr. Ian Macdonald

United Kingdom
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Dr. IanMacdonald Macdonald

Ian Macdonald
is a chartered psychologist who graduated with Honours from Brunel University in London. He was an academic staff member at Brunel and continues to be associated there both as a consultant and as a Lifetime Honorary Fellow.  His PhD thesis was about the development of identity of people with learning difficulties through work. Ian is Founder and Director of Macdonald Associates, an international organisational consultancy established in 1983.  He is a director of BIOSS International Ltd.  He is also an honorary fellow at Brunel University, teaches at Surrey Business School and works with NHS Was and Welsh government. Over the past thirty years, Ian’s consultancy work has included many different countries, cultures and types of organisation from indigenous communities to financial services, from mining to the Church, from smelting aluminium in Siberia and Australia, to psychology services in Denmark.  He continues to work across all sectors.

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