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Mohammad Baydoun

Beirut, Lebanon
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MohammadBaydoun Baydoun

Dr. Mohammad Baydoun
 has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture, a Masters Degree of Architecture in Urban Design, an Executive Masters of Business Administration Degree, and a Doctorate of Business Administration from Grenoble Ecole De Management. Mohammad is a project manager in Millennium Development International s.a.l. in Beirut, Lebanon. As a project manager, Dr. Baydoun is responsible for managing and working jointly with a team of urban planners, urban designers, financial analysts, architects and engineers. His multidisciplinary background combined with his experience allows him to participate in structuring complex development projects, authoring of development strategies and, through management and collaboration with consultants of diverse disciplines (technical and financial), to realize integrated business plans and commercial success of projects. His expertise spans a wide geographical spread with special focus on the Saudi market.

Dr. Baydoun is also a thesis supervisor for the Doctorate of Business Administration Program of Grenoble Ecole De Management and a visiting research fellow at the Management Science Laboratory of Athens University of Economics and Business. Dr. Baydoun won a number of professional and academic awards, the most prominent of which are Saraya’s Spirit to Serve Award that is awarded to distinguished employees for their dedication and outstanding performance, and Ghanem Al Shama’ Price for the best graduation project. Dr. Baydoun has authored a number of publications on management of large scale development projects.

Dr. Mohammad Baydoun can be contacted at or

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