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Dr Nikolaos Bakas

Cyprus / Greece
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Dr NikolaosBakas Bakas

Dr. Nikolaos Bakas
is currently a Lecturer in Computational Mechanics at Neapolis University Pafos; External Collaborator of National Technical University of Athens, Director of NOESYS Consulting and External Associate at AXIA Chartered Surveyors. Dr. Bakas’ work concerns developing numerical methods and applying machine learning algorithms, in a variety of thematic areas in research and industry, for data analysis, predictive modeling, numerical optimization, quantitative insights, clustering and analysis of literature. In his recent monograph in Research, a Science Partner Journal, he provided a generic numerical solution for the hopelessly ill-conditioned mathematical problem of extrapolation, with prediction horizons 1000% higher than the existing methods in the scientific literature. He has been teaching for more than seven years in total, in the National Technical University of Athens, Engineering Intelligence and at Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus, where he is currently appointed as a Lecturer. In the past, he has also founded and managed a lifelong training organization for engineers with more than 5000 trainees. Apart from his teaching and administrative activities, he is focused on research in applied mathematics, machine learning, data science, optimization, and relevant topics. He is also running NOESYS, for seminars, consulting and professional applications of machine learning algorithms.

Career Milestones include A recent monograph in Research, a Science Partner Journal for the numerical solution of the predictions problem of analytic functions; 40 Research works on numerical methods, optimization, data analysis, machine learning, statistics, and predictions; 10 years of professional and scientific programming (MIT’s Julia, Matlab, C++, etc.); 7 years of Teaching at Universities, Seminars, and Workshops; Foundation, growth, and management of Engineering Intelligence, an educational organization for engineering seminars with more than 5000, professional Engineers trainees. Continued as; and Participation and management of impactful research projects with European funding (i.e. interview at Euronews). He can be contacted at,

Profile created 7 September 2019

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