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Dr. Sherif Hashem

Doha, Qatar
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Dr. SherifHashem Hashem

Dr. Sherif Hashem, Ph.D. PMP EUR-ING, Civil Engineer is Chief Operating Officer at CEG International consultants, and President and Founder of Hashem Consult for project management services in Doha, Qatar. Dr Hashem is an author, writer, thinker, speaker, and seasoned construction project management guru. He possesses a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience backed by over 30 years of hands-on experience in the design and construction of a wide range of world-class civil engineering projects. Geographical experience covers Germany, the Middle East, and Thailand.

He is author of the USA books ‘The Power of Design-Build’ and ‘Greatness in Construction History’ (in print), in addition to numerous papers and articles in the USA, the Middle East, and Brazil. He has been a speaker in several international conferences and a member of numerous organizations including ICE, PMI, DBIA, the Association of German Engineers, and the Association of European Engineers FEANI.  He is a graduate of Alexandria University, Egypt and holder of BSc, MSc, and PhD in Civil Engineering. He is a certified PMP® with PMI USA and certified EUR-ING® at FEANI Berlin and Brussel.

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