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Dr Thomas Grisham

USA / Switzerland
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Dr ThomasGrisham Grisham

Dr Thomas Grisham
has over 45 years of experience on domestic and international business and programs up to US$3 billion in the power, infrastructure, transportation, education, commercial, communications, manufacturing, business development, and dispute resolution sectors. This experience has been gained in 73 countries across a variety of business models, with expat assignments in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and part-time in India, Spain, and the UK. He has over 16 years of research and teaching experience at all levels in numerous universities, in a variety of countries, currently in Switzerland. He provides executive education in numerous countries, with over 400 companies, from Alcatel-Lucent to ZTE. His has written two books, portions of two others, and is an arbitrator for AAA and ICDR, and is a member of the Economist Magazine panel for the good judgment project. Dr Grisham can be contacted at  

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