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Dr Yang Chu

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Dr YangChu Chu

Dr Yang Chu
was born in Shandong province, the hometown of Confucius in the east of China, and raised in the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang autonomous region in the northwest of China. It’s fair to say that he was made in China but assembled in the West. He spent two-thirds of his growing up, studying and working in China and the other third living, studying and working in the UK. Dr. Chu is a Risk Management Professional and combines GuanxiConnect with a highly successful career with a top FTSE 100 company.  

He realises that the world is facing an unprecedented risk now, as long as the West does not properly understand China and China does not properly understand the West.  Compared with many other business risks that he works to manage, the cultural risk is a much bigger one. In his professional view, if this can be successfully managed, this presents a huge opportunity for the World.  That’s what motivated Dr. Chu to co-found GuanxiConnect.

Dr. Chu has benefited greatly from both China and the Western World in his career journey and life so far. In China, there is an old saying: “Receiving drips of water when in need and I shall return the kindness with a spring”. Reciprocating an act of kindness is our nation’s fine tradition. Dr. Chu considers this a fantastic opportunity to give back for what has been given to him. Dr. Yang Chu can be contacted at More about GuanxiConnect at

Profile created 7 October 2020

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