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Edward Haskin

Texas, USA
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EdwardHaskin Haskin

Edward Haskin
is an executive leader with an extensive and broad background in risk management, compliance and project management. He is also an author, entrepreneur, speaker, grant writer, and knows the value of a good ear hustle.

Edward’s experience and training have given him a unique ability to forge innovative approaches to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing business environment. He is deeply committed to finding and implementing the tools, processes, and best practices necessary to minimize risk and identify the options that hold the most potential. He strives to give companies the tools and techniques they need to make faster, and less costly decisions so they can move forward efficiently to achieve their objectives.

Edward began his career as a mortgage banking compliance officer and quickly built his expertise to include project management, lean six-sigma, and risk management. He has successfully directed complex projects in government offices and public and private organizations in a variety of complex engagements.

Profile created 11 February 2019

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