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Ermal Hetemi, PhD

Stockholm, Sweden
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ErmalHetemi, PhD Hetemi, PhD

Ermal Hetemi, PhD,
is a Researcher in the Department of Industrial Economics and Management at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (Sweden). He holds a PhD in the subject area of Industrial Economics and Management from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), and a MSc. in Construction Management with honors (GPA 4.0) from Eastern Michigan University (United States). His main research interest focuses on the dynamics of institutions and inter-organizational actors in the large-scale project setting and innovation technologies in industrial engineering overall. His research was recognized with awards, including the PMI Donald S. Barrie award in 2015. He has published in project management, engineering, and administrative science journals. Since 2018, Ermal has acted as a committee member in the European Academy of Management Conference for the track "Multi-level perspective in major and megaprojects." He has about ten years of experience in project management, including as a lecturer for a bachelor's and master's program in project management and as a consultant. Ermal can be contacted at

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