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Ferdinand Huc

Lille, France
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FerdinandHuc Huc

SKEMA Business School

Ferdinand Huc
is a pupil from Toulon, in the south of France. From a navy dad, he has lived in his youth 2 years in New-Caledonia before moving to Belgium at 11 years old, where he lived 10 years attending the French Lycée of Brussels. In 2011 Ferdinand integrated after succeeding the entry exam the Navy lycée in Brest, at a boarding school, where he stayed only a year before going back to Brussels. After graduating high school in 2013 he decided to start his engineer study back in France, in Lille. He integrated a formation of the Ecole Centrale Lille named ITEEM where engineering is mixed up with business management and entrepreneurship. As a part of his study, Ferdinand spent 8 months in New-Zealand for some internships.

Now in his final year of study, Ferdinand specialized himself in Production System Management on the engineering side and chose to do at the same time a MSc in project management and business development at SKEMA. Graduating in April 2018, he is now looking for new opportunities. Ferdinand can be contacted at:

Created 8 January 2018

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