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Florence Alliod

Paris, France
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FlorenceAlliod Alliod

Florence Alliod
is a French business student at SKEMA business school. After a generalist year in Lille where she learned about strategy, management, law and finance, she traveled to North America to start her second year, where she studied entrepreneurship and management in NC State University. There, she had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs on their company project and started to understand the importance of Project Management.

After this semester, she came back to France for a 6-month internship as a Project Manager Assistant at By Terry, a luxury cosmetic brand company. She gained skills and competences as a young project manager and confirmed her will to work is that field.

Logically, she then chose to specialize in Project and Programme Management and Business Development for her last year. To learn in an even more challenging environment, she started the year in an international university campus at Fondaçao Dom Cabral, in Brazil. There she had the occasion to meet with local start-ups and NGOs and learned from their ways to do Project Management.

The second semester of her specialization was spent in Paris, during which she was certified Prince2 and AgilePM. Passionate about Project Management and sustainability, she will write her Master’s thesis on these subjects, and is willing to start her professional career as a project manager in the energy sector. Her objective is to use her knowledge and skills to build the world of tomorrow, where social and environmental issues are the first interest of companies.

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