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Haoyu Wang

Paris, France / China
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HaoyuWang Wang

Haoyu Wang
, Chinese, 23 years old, major in Project and Programme Management & Business Development (PPMBD) at Skema Business School in Paris, France. He has a background in business and IT education.

Before coming to France, Haoyu completed his studies at ZhaoQing College in China and hold a bachelor's degree in the Internet of Things. Haoyu has been working for ‘Network Information and Security Research Institute’ (China) and ‘Internet of Things Collaborative Innovation Center Embedded Systems Application Institute’ (China) for many years. During this time, he assisted in the completion of the 'SMS-based smartphone virus propagation analysis and simulation system research' and the 'Unmanned Helicopter Quadrotor,' ‘WiFi student attendance system.’ From 2015 to 2016, Haoyu hosted the provincial assignment tasks ‘climbing plan’ and ‘Challenge Cup.’ Finally, the task is perfectly delivered with ‘small block type wireless LED display design’ and ‘smart home remote monitoring system development.’ After that, he assisted the professor in publishing an article entitled "Spi / Uart and Zigbee Protocol Conversion Module Design" in the IoT Journal. In 2016, he became an executive intern at Hong Kong AXA Insurance Company. Participate in the 'fund selection plan and solve the difficulties and countermeasures of financial planning in mainland China.'

Haoyu has the potential to be a promising project manager. At the same time, he has great enthusiasm and interest in the IT field.Haoyu is now working on a master in sciences in Skema business school.He lives in Paris now and can be contacted at  or  

Profile created 7 December 2018  

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