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Hassan Coulibaly

Paris, France
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HassanCoulibaly Coulibaly

Hassan Coulibaly
is a Project and Program Management & Business Development Master of Science student with an Industrial Engineering Degree from ESIGELEC (France, Rouen). He graduated in 2017 from engineering school after 3 years’ experience in an apprenticeship at CEMOI chocolate processing site of Tinchebray in France. Cemoi is a big French company that produces industrial chocolate for distributor brands and for chocolate specialists. 

He has successfully conducted process automation and supervision upgrading projects. The main project he conducted as an apprentice was the designing and building a monitoring system to track a production line performance. With this tool, managers could follow performance in real time (Quantity of production, Number and duration of stops). He also had the opportunity to follow different technicians during their day to day activity. Within the Maintenance service, he discovered the maintenance environment and all tasks that belongs to it: Preventive maintenance and curative maintenance.

He is highly motivated and attracted by automation and industrial robotics coupled with competency in projects management and Business development. He decided to attend in January 2017 Skema business school and its Master of Science program for a dual degree. He is also proficient in all computers tools he can get, such as Microsoft office but he is also proficient in apple software.

His aim was to acquire more knowledge in project management and business development, also to learn more about management skills which are important skill to develop as a future project manager.  Also, study in a multicultural environment and improve his English. He holds AgilePM certification and Prince2 certification. He also knows MS Project and Gantt Project, that are project management software.

Dynamic, multicultural and polyvalent, he is highly entrepreneurial, results oriented and operational efficiency focused. He is planning to work in business with continuous improvement and development supported by technical integrated automated systems. He can be contact by email at

Created 14 May 2018

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