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Hongjing Lai

Sichuan, China
China Flag
HongjingLai Lai

Hongjing Lai
is an international student with 1 and a half years of learning experience in project management and business development. Born in the Basin of Sichuan Province, she received her Bachelor Certification with French language and literature major at local University in China before embarking on the adventure of expat living, learning in France. Studying in France since 2017, she serves as an international student with a serious learning attitude and habits, who also devotes to more professional certifications as well as academic developments. During this learning process, she noticed the difference of studying methods and habits and decided to overcome problems as much as possible. At present, she still studies hard in project management and business development courses like international contract management, sustainable project management etc... with rich teaching resources. Through these courses, she has investigated some issues like delayed payment and contract’s termination in construction industry and plans to deeply research from previous and typical academic materials and reference as well as project case studies.     

Lai lives in Sichuan, China and can be contacted at

Profile created 25 March 2019

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