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Irina Kulikova

Moscow, Russia
Russia Flag
IrinaKulikova Kulikova

Irina Kulikova, PhD (tech.), PMP
has over twenty years of experience as the project/program manager, business architect and consultant with the ability to develop new products, IT & Business strategy, to improve organization processes, to find solutions in the broad range of IT and R&D projects from separation fields, creating the ERP, GIS, accounting, e learning, e-documents, billing, expert, government systems etc.

She has special skills and knowledges how to understand the consumer needs, how to talk with business, with IT specialists, with accounts, with government, etc., how to organize work effectively and get desired results. Her professional experience includes different projects and programs both state and private businesses of different fields.

Irina has over fifteen years of experience as a professor assistant and teaching physics, information technologies, system analysis and information system design. Author of 40 articles, own blog “To hit pay dirt”, she has 4 certificates of authorship on program products.

She can be reached on LinkedIn at and on Instagram at @irina.v.kulikova

Profile created 7 February 2021

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