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Ivano Di Filippo

Roma, Italy
Italy Flag
IvanoDi Filippo  Di Filippo
Ivano Di Filippo is team leader of Genial Software, a high performance expert team; ISIPM PM certified, Member of Professional Italian Project Manager list held by ISIPM. Ivano has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and project manager in business information systems development. During three years of study with the medical faculty at La Sapienza University in Rome he developed a strong interest in subjects concerning human behavior and human mental processes, and has continued over many years to cultivate and develop this interest by applying the cognitive psychological theories as an important key to success in the numerous projects he has directed. Contemporarily he studied computer science to become a web site programmer and IT programmer as applied in project management. Ivano has 25 years with Radiotaxi 3570 Company, Rome, Italy, (the largest Radiotaxi company in Europe and perhaps the world) and at present he is in charge of human resources in its Operations Control room.  In addition to the operations control personnel he daily interacts with company customers as well as the company members/taxi drivers who number over 3,500. Ivano is the author of “When Does a Project Start? The Critical Buffering Theory” in the ISIPM Magazine Il Project Manager, published by Franco Angeli (see References.) ISIPM Project Managers Professional list: Web site:  Contact:

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