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János Varga

Budapest, Hungary
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JánosVarga Varga

János Varga
is an assistant professor of economics at the Óbuda University, in Budapest, Hungary. He is a doctor of management and business administration (Ph.D). Since 2010 he is lecturing in the different fields of management. He finished his PhD studies in 2012 and got a PhD 2 years later. During his research activities he deals with the competitiveness of the economic participants (research areas: competitiveness of firms and nations, change management, quality of leadership). Dr. Varga was a visiting lecturer in Romania and Poland (CEEPUS Award and Erasmus+ scholarships). He participates in national and international scientific organisations. He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Economic Association. He is also a member of the Gate2Growth Academic Network Initiative and Business System Laboratory in Rome, Italy. Since 2011 he took part in five research projects as a team member or research leader. He has more than 50 publications in scientific journals and more than 60 publications in conference proceedings.

Dr. Varga has 10 years’ experience of teaching and he also participated in several training programme in the last few years. He was an innovation expert of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér Country and at present he is Excellence Ambassador at the Alliance of Excellence Institute in Hungary. He was awarded by Peter Drucker Society (Peter Drucker Essay Contest Winner), Poznan University of Technology (Young Researchers Award), Hungarian Association for Innovation (Harsányi István PhD Award), Óbuda University (Young Researcher of the Year Award), Balassi Institute (Campus Hungary Scholarship) etc. Dr. Varga is a special advisor of the European Parliament. Since 2017 he is managing special organizational development projects for different firms and companies as an O.D. expert..

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