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Jaroslaw Polak

Krakow, Poland
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JaroslawPolak Polak

Jaroslaw Polak
has been working in the telecommunications industry, especially in mobile telephony, for over 20 years. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications engineering. He has also completed postgraduate studies in management (based on MBA programme). He is currently a PhD student with a specialization in management sciences. The areas of his scientific interests are issues related to inter-organizational relations. He has gained a broad managerial experience participating and managing the implementation of projects related to the construction and expansion of mobile networks in Poland. He was a project manager of a number of the telecommunication projects such as the exchange and sharing of technical infrastructure, introduction of new technologies (3G, CDMA, HSDPA +, LTE) and functionalities in mobile networks. He is PMP certificated professional and the author of several scientific publications.

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