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Jolita Kiznyte

Kaunas, Lithuania
Lithuania Flag
JolitaKiznyte Kiznyte

Jolita Kiznyte
has a Bachelor degree in Public administration; during bachelor study’s she did research on public diplomacy, country branding and cultural diplomacy. At this moment the author is finishing double master degree studies in Project Management and works as a research assistant in Fachhochschule Dortmund. During the years of master studies Jolita did research on cross-cultural differences of management in international project teams, cross-cultural management. Recently the author established of her own Start-up company and is doing research on possibilities of applying project management methods to raise the success rate of early stage Start-ups.

Main publications: The Role of Public Diplomacy in "selling" European Cultural Identity and Values Globally (2012), Shaping the Image of Lithuania in the Global Arena: Challenges, Tendencies, Opportunities (2013), Contemporary State Image Forming Using Public Diplomacy and Developing Nation Brand: The Case of Lithuania (2014) and Applying Cultural Intelligence in International Project Management (2015).

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