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Jonathan Whelan

United Kingdom
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JonathanWhelan Whelan

Jonathan Whelan
is an established business transformation specialist who has 35 years' experience in change-related roles. His common-sense approach to addressing complex business problems and shaping practical, sustainable solutions has been fundamental to the success of many transformation programmes.

In his spare time, Jonathan writes about business transformation, especially in relation to the issues and opportunities associated with information technology. His latest book, co-authored with Stephen Whitla and published by Routledge, is titled Visualising Business Transformation - Pictures, Diagrams and the Pursuit of Shared Meaning.

Jonathan is also co-author of ‘Business Architecture - A Practical Guide’, by Jonathan Whelan and Graham Meaden, published by Gower (now Routledge). The ISBN number for the printed book is 978-1-4094-3859-5 and the e-books are 978-1-4094-3860-1 and 978-1-4094-6153-1 (Kindle version).  

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