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Joseph Kossmann

Bristol, United Kingdom
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JosephKossmann Kossmann

Joseph Kossmann
is pursuing his academic studies of Games Technology at the University of the West of England, as part of the faculty of ‘Creative Technologies’. Having lived in France, Germany and the UK, his academic interests lie amongst other topics in the application of Games Technology aspects to Project Management and Systems Engineering; in particular to the stages of requirements elicitation as well as early concept and design development and validation. He has gained experience in software programming, in particular in C, C++ and Python; as well as digital modelling and simulation with different commercial tools such as blender, 3DS-MAX and Unity. Since 2013, Joseph has been responsible for the Modelling & Simulation Support of the ‘Mahola’ (Aid) project, which is concerned with the development of a local health care system in a deprived area of Cameroon. Joseph Kossmann can be contacted at  

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