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Julie Luso

Paris, France
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JulieLuso Luso

Julie Luso
, French Swiss of 24 years old, studied at SKEMA in MSc Project and Program Management and Business Development, graduating in April 2018. After 2 years in preparatory class, Julie integrated SKEMA Business School (ranked top 8 France in 2017). The first year in Sophia Antipolis (Nice) was dedicated to association activities adding to the classes. After this, she left France for a few months to live in Thailand for a communication internship and discover a new world.

She came back to school the next scholar year starting by Brazil (Belo Horizonte) in a SKEMA campus to go then for the next semester in China (into the SKEMA Campus in Suzhou) where she participated in a humanitarian association for children before travelling alone during 2 months over there. Julie then used her gap year to return to Brazil for a stronger cultural immersion. To reach that goal, Julie chose to work in a Farm hotel far from famous places to discover a hidden Brazil and to control the language. Enjoying contrasts, after this experience Julie worked for 6 months in Paris Champs-Elysées at Ogilvy Paris, an international advertising agency. Working in the Public Relations unit, Julie was part of a development team working to improve the (e-)reputation of great corporations creating and implementing communication campaigns targeting journalists and influencers and so readers and communities. Following this gap year, Julie started then her MSc. at Skema in Paris.

Currently certificated by AgilePM and Prince2 for PM, Julie has worked during this MSc to actively improve her assets by organizing event like the Video Games day and participating to the *Amazon Campus Challenges 2017 adding to her class, assignments and Thesis.  (*The Amazon Campus Challenge is a challenge that asks by team to find a startup to create and implement its Amazon e-store and make a commercial strategy to boost its sells during 6 months.)

Julie’s main long term goal is to be able to help ethical and environmentally friendly organizations to grow in a complex market as an accomplished and ethical Project Manager. Challenger, passionate, expressive and audacious are her personal assets that will help her to reach her goals.  Julie can be contacted at or

Profile created 11 October 2018

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