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Jürgen Oschadleus

Sydney, Australia
Australia Flag
JürgenOschadleus Oschadleus

Jürgen Oschadleus is Director of project and leadership training, consulting and advisory services at ACT Knowledge in Australia. He is an international speaker, educator, consultant and coach on project leadership, influence and effective communication. He combines his background in history, teaching and technology projects with a fascination for sport and psychology, and uses this to challenge people’s thinking and help them create new mental connections, apply knowledge and achieve the outcomes they seek.

With over 25 years of education, strategic consulting, systems deployment and leadership development projects on five continents, Jürgen has been exposed to a broad range of industries across the commercial and public sector, and often presents postgraduate classes at UNSW and Sydney University. Qualifications include MBA, PMP and DASSM from PMI, and MAIPM from AIPM. For more, visit or He can be contacted at

Profile created March 2022

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