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Justin D. Jacobsen

Fairfax, Virginia, USA
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JustinJacobsen Jacobsen

Justin Jacobsen has more than twenty years of operational supervision experience with twelve years of program management responsibility delivering successively larger projects as part of diverse, multi-functional project teams. His experience covers a broad range of capital project types from upstream oil and gas programs to international real estate development, to domestic mixed-use public-private projects, among others. Mr. Jacobsen serves as Director of Innovation Development for MBP Corporation and is currently engaged company-wide working in the virtual environment from a home base in Raleigh, North Carolina. He leads MBP’s innovation program which focuses on identifying, researching, testing, and implementing new technology and innovative process solutions used to deliver customized construction management and owner’s representative services. His interaction with a broad range of clients, MBP service leaders, construction teams, and the continual surveying of the technology market enables new capabilities to be validated and implemented as they become available in the market. Mr. Jacobsen has championed our implementation of Lean Construction, Target Value Delivery, continuous estimating, pull planning and other tools and techniques uses across our service lines.

Profile created 6 July 2021

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