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Kushtrim S. Mehmetaj

KushtrimMehmetaj Mehmetaj

Kushtrim S. Mehmetaj
, BS, MS (Strategic Management) is an International Correspondent for PM World for Albania and Kosovo.  Mr. Mehmetaj is also Member of the Advisory Board of GeniusCorps, a US based consulting firm.  He is also National Program Officer within Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo dealing with Private Sector Development projects. Mr. Mehmetaj has more than 12 years of professional experience in international environments including a number of management, support and advisory positions for various EU, USAID and other internationally financed enterprise and economic development organizations and projects, including the Hope Fellowship Program, the Kosova Private Enterprise Program, and the Kosova Trust Agency.  Kushtrim has extensive knowledge & experience in enterprise change management, modern corporate governance, strategic management, project management, financial & investment analysis, and human resource development. He has experience in investment promotion and economic development, and good knowledge of European Affairs, Competition Law and EU Integration processes.  He holds many certificates related to market development, business research, international business, entrepreneurship, monitoring and evaluation, economics and finance, leadership, change management, conflict management, corporate governance, strategic management and other subjects directly related to programme and project management.  He has masters and bachelors degrees from the University of Prishtina in Kosove.

Kushtrim Mehmetaj is fluent in several languages, including English and German, lives in Prishtina, and can be contacted at

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