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Léo Peigna

Lille, France
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LéoPeigna Peigna

Léo Peigna
is currently a Masters Student at SKEMA Business School on the Lille Campus. This student paper has been produced with the means of getting it published with the PM World Journal, and is part of a key module named “The International Contracts” under the direct supervision of Doctor Paul Giammalvo, the Course Director, and Professor Paul Gardiner, the Program Director. Léo comes from Costa Rica, where he was born in 1995, and has been living in France since the age of 5. At first, he lived in Biarritz, then moved to Bordeaux in order to attend International Classes.  He obtained his Economic Baccalaureate in 2013 with honors. By 2015, after attending 2 years of Preparatory Classes, he was able to enter SKEMA Business School. Previously, he has served as a Project Manager during an entire year running as Vice-President of the Sports Student Office at SKEMA Business School, and also had a 6 month internship in Paris in 2017 as Junior Project Manager. He is a certified AgilePm Practitioner.

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Created 7 April 2018

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