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Louison Marguerite

Lille, France
France Flag
LouisonMarguerite Marguerite

SKEMA Business School

Louison Marguerite was born in Caen, a little city located in Normandy, France. An active child that loved to read comics and invented games to play with her little brother, she learned piano and practiced Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, for five years. During weekends her parents took her to many Art exhibitions, which is why, artworks are a centre of interest. She completed her studies in Caen before moving to Lille and integrating at Skema Business School.

Currently, she is a student following an MS in Project and Program Management and Business Development at SKEMA Business School.  In the High School Program, at Lille, she chose to follow that master mostly because she liked the idea that each project she might work on would be unique and because of the time limited aspect of projects. She was lucky enough to travel a lot during her studies thanks to a semester abroad and a gap year, especially in Asia (China, South Korea, Laos and so on). That enabled her to accumulate experience as community manager and CRM and increased her interest in discovering other cultures and traveling worldwide. Fond of culture and history, she plans to work in foreign countries to discover new approaches and developed my personal adaptation skills few years after my graduation.

Aware that hard work gets results, she is energetic and diligent. Naturally curious of everything, Louison loves learning and considers that being positive in life is one of the keys for doors to open. Her ambition is to make every day worth living, whether it manifests itself at work or through passions.

Created 7 April 2018

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