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M. Reza Hosseini

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M.Hosseini Hosseini

M. Reza Hosseini
is currently a lecturer in Construction Management at Deakin University. He is a Civil Engineer and has been active as the C.E.O of a construction company with practical experience of the construction industry for more than eleven years in the Middle East. In addition, he has been conducting many research projects for the Building Code Office of Iranian Ministry of Housing for five years, and has been the co-author of many published works including books, academic journals and conference papers. M. Reza has an MSc in Construction Management, and his main research fields are virtual design and construction, virtual team working, productivity and reverse logistics within the construction context. He has been a member of board of directors for Project Management Institute (PMI) Adelaide chapter and a member of Australian Institute of Building (AIB), Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) and building SMART Australia. For more information about Prof Hosseini, visit

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Created September 2015

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