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Maria Yurievna Beliakova, PhD

Moscow, Russia
Russia Flag
MariaBeliakova, PhD Beliakova, PhD

Born in Moscow (Russia). PhD Investments/Economics (The Institute of Management, Investment and Innovation department, Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics). Mariia Beliakova graduated from Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (Engineering & Economics Faculty).

Mariia Beliakova worked at Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics from 2003-2012. Since 2012 worked in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) as a Vice-dean of the Faculty of Sport and Tourism management (Institute of sectoral management). Since 2019 working as Director of the Research Center - Faculty of Sport and Tourism management, Institute of finance and sustainability development. (RANEPA). 

ISOH member.Team Leader for the establishment of the Olympic Scientific Studies and Research Center, in order to develop and implement digital information platforms, dedicated to the Olympic movement. Author of monographs, textbooks and more than 50 scientific articles on Economics and Management. Participant of more than 10 international scientific and practical conferences. Head of scientific work of undergraduates, post-graduate students. She participated in the implementation of projects as a manager and executor, and in expert and analytical activities in the bodies of state and municipal administration.

Associate Professor Maria Beliakova can be contacted at or web:

Profile created 7 October 2020

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