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Marianna Spezie

Verona, Italy
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MariannaSpezie Spezie

Marianna Spezie
is a licensed Engineer with a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from University of Padua (2020) with the thesis: “Project Management and the importance of Stakeholder analysis in Risk Management: the case of the Meter Commissioning Plan of electric smart meters 2G (PMS2) in Megareti ". She has done an internship in Project Management in Agsm Group, an important Italian utility in generation, distribution and supply of electricity and gas, and has worked also in the production plant of Coca Cola HBC based in Nogara (VR), in the role of Analyst - Budget Controller. Currently she is teaching ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in high school in the city of Verona. She is very interested in the Project Management field, in particular Risk Management and Stakeholder Engagement and the interdisciplinary nature of this topic, as well as the application of Risk Management practices in different fields, such as in health organizations. Marianna Spezie can be contacted at

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