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Mark Kozak-Holland

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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MarkKozak-Holland Kozak-Holland
As the founder behind the “Lessons from History” series, Mark Kozak-Holland brings years of experience as a consultant who helps Fortune-500 companies formulate projects that leverage emerging technologies. Since 1985 he has been straddling the business and IT worlds, making these projects happen. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified business consultant, the author of several books, and a noted speaker. As a historian, Kozak-Holland seeks out the wisdom of the past to help others avoid repeating mistakes and to capture time-proven techniques. Mark’s latest book is Meddling Stakeholders: How poor Project Management really Sank Titanic, published by Multi-Media Publications, September 2012. ISBN: 9781554891252; soft cover – More about books in the Lessons from History series can be found at 



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