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Mats Ragnarsson

Gothenburg, Sweden
Sweden Flag
MatsRagnarsson Ragnarsson

Mats Ragnarsson
has 30 years of experience in project management. He spent 11 years as project manager in product development for all kinds of projects, ranging from small projects to large and complex projects involving more than 350 people. The remaining 19 years have been spent as a consultant for Wenell Management, where he has worked on international assignments for SKF and AstraZeneca.  He is a coordinator for the research committee at the Swedish Project Academy, an academy that stimulates research and awards the Project Manager of the Year in Sweden.

Mats also has a history as a reserve officer in the Swedish Navy and is very interested in the ocean and boating.

Mats is author of the books:

Leading in Uncertain and Complex Projects– Supporting structures for self-management (Mats Ragnarsson and Lars Marmgren)

Organizing Projects – From a mechanical to an organic perspective (Mats Ragnarsson and Lars Marmgren)

Created 7 April 2017

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