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Maxime Béquin

Lille, France
France Flag
MaximeBéquin Béquin

Maxime Béquin
is a student in 5th year at ITEEM a school of engineers, managers, contractors.  Soon graduated from an « Entreprise architecture » master at Central Lille and a master of « Project and Programme Management and Business Development » at the Skema Business School. Versatile, self-motivated and adaptable student in the fields of engineering and management with 10 years of international experience, including in China, North Africa and Central America. Provided with strong interpersonal skills, an ease to communicate and values such as reliability, productivity and social intelligence.

Having moved many times in France and abroad, he spent 7 years in France before moving to Tunisia for 7 years. Then, he moved to Shanghai for 4 years where he graduated from high school. Finally, He came back to France in order to follow an engineering and business formation. During his studies he was also competing as a professional in horse riding; Maxime was ranked first of Tunisia and won multiples international competitions in Shanghai.

In the school framework he did several internships.  He worked in Panama for 8 months in the legal sector where he was in charge of contractual communication with clients and subcontractors resolving conflicts up to 1 million dollars; he also participated in contract negotiations and in the study of claims. He also worked as a seller in Boulanger which is a  French brand in the multimedia sector; he was ranked in the top 10 of best sellers on a national level.

Created 14 May 2018

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