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Michael Marshall, PhD

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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MichaelMarshall, PhD Marshall, PhD

Michael Marshall
has over 30 years of business experience to senior leadership levels in many markets and industries, national and global, with responsibilities in sales management, marketing and business development along with a PhD in business before teaching internationally at university level (China, Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia).

Prior to this he had a psychology and behavioral health background with educational degrees in such and working in behavioral health as a professional counselor and therapist learning what affects and influences people positively and negatively and what motivates.

Michael continually seeks out knowledge with additional education, trainings, research and experience to keep on the leading edge of business effectiveness and business development. 

He has over 35 international publishing’s on many business and business development subjects.

As Michael Marshall often comments; ‘Business Development is like a large beautiful polished diamond with many facets.  When holding the diamond up to the sunlight and turning it slowly, the diamond looks different with different colors reflecting on the many angles and facets.’

Michael is a ‘life time learner’.  He is available to assist globally/internationally.

His website of over the last 10 years has had over ¾ million readership.  He can be contacted at

Created 7 April 2018

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