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Mohamad-Fadl Haraké

Poitiers, France
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Mohamad-FadlHaraké Haraké

Mohamad-Fadl Haraké is a Doctoral Researcher at CEREGE EA 1722, University of Poitiers (IAE). He has been affiliated to academic bodies based in France, Spain, and Lebanon. He is also the general secretary of the Académie de Recherche en Gestion et Economie (ARGE) and co-director of the Centre de Recherche Francophone en Economie et Gestion (CREFEGE). His research interests mainly focus on Strategic Management, Public Management Modeling, Operations’ Project Management, Organizational Theory as well as Chaos Theory (the predictability of deterministic non-linear systems’ behavior in complex - unstable environments) in Post-Conflict Countries. He can be contacted at or     

Profile created 11 June 2020

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