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Peter Cook

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PeterCook Cook

Peter Cook
is a unique hybrid of scientist, business academic and musician, blending hard analytical thinking with a creative twist that comes from the arts in his work at Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock. His books are acclaimed by Professor Charles Handy, Tom Peters and Harvey Goldsmith CBE and he writes for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin group.  Peter was responsible for leading pharmaceutical innovation teams to bring the World’s first treatment for HIV / AIDS and human Insulin into being. He also performs with a variety of music legends including Meatloaf’s singer and Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist, learning from the boardroom to the boardwalk. Peter brings MBA business thinking into intimate contact with parallel ideas from the worlds of music and science in his work.

For information about Peter Cook’s latest book, Brain Based Enterprises: Harmonising the Head, Heart and Soul of Business, published by Routledge, click here.

Created 11 September 2018

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