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Petra Krčelić

Zaprešić, Croatia
Croatia Flag
PetraKrčelić Krčelić

University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić

Petra Krčelić, mag. philol. angl and mag. educ. philol. ital, teaching assistant, was born in 1987 in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb in 2012 in English and Italian Language and Literature. She worked in several primary schools. She has been teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) at the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić since 2014. Areas of interest: interdisciplinary and experimental approaches to teaching ESP, education, new technologies. She has written several professional papers related to new approaches to teaching and using technology in teaching processes. Petra Krčelić can be contacted at

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