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Professor Tony Bendell

Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Professor TonyBendell  Bendell

Services Limited & the Anti-Fragility Academy

Respected academic and international expert on improvement, Professor Tony Bendell is a well-known invited speaker at Conferences worldwide, and formerly the Rolls-Royce funded Professor of Quality Management at the University of Leicester UK. A leading figure in quality and productivity improvement and excellence, he has published extensively and is principle author of the bestselling Financial Times book on Benchmarking available in 6 languages.

His most recent book `Building Anti-Fragile Organizations’ published by Gower in June 2014, examines the shortcomings of conventional risk analysis, the impact of Black Swans, and the strategic, cultural, process and people requirements for the development of systems and organisations that get stronger from being stressed.

Prof. Bendell also has extensive international knowledge of the field of Lean & Six Sigma. This has been added to by Professor Bendell’s unique experience as chair of BSI Technical Committee MS6 that developed the new ISO18404:2015 certifiable Lean & Six Sigma international standard, and his current role as project manager of the sector scheme set up by the Royal Statistical Society in cooperation with the major UKAS accredited certification bodies to allow accredited certification against ISO18404.

Tony has been involved in implementing Lean and Process Improvement and Six Sigma programmes in numerous manufacturing and service companies and the public sector.  This includes work with the NHS, the Police and Local Authorities as well as companies in electronics, construction, the oil industry, automotive, food and the service sector.

He is regarded as a thought leader in the Excellence and Quality fields and a leader into research on Quality Methods, Management, Measurement and Benchmarking.  As well as the UK Government’s DTI “Managing in the 90’s” booklet on the Quality Gurus, he has also written major management texts for the Financial Times and Sunday Times, including ones on Benchmarking and Implementing Quality in the Public Sector. His most recent book on “Building Anti Fragile Organisations; Risk and Opportunities in Turbulent Times” was published by Gower in 2014.

Tony has always been active in trying to improve the practice of Project Management, having taught Project Management and Emergency Management up to Masters level, and also worked much lower down the education scale on programmes like the Ministry of Justice’s Lean Constructor programme. He believes passionately that we need to improve both the training and practice in Project Management, to at least the same level as in Operations.

The Anti-Fragility Academy was set up by Professor Tony Bendell in 2013 to offer evaluation, consultation and advice to organisations as to how they might render themselves less fragile.

Created June 2017

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