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Qing Wu

Sichuan, China
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QingWu Wu

Qing WU
is a second-year graduate student studying for Project Management and Business Development in SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL. Born in Sichuan, China. She received her Bachelor Certification of French language and literature major in Jincheng College of Sichuan University in China, before going to France to study abroad. Since 2017, she is an international student with a rigorous and serious learning attitude, who also devotes to receive academic developments and obtain professional certifications. Thanks to the studying aboard, she found the differences in students’ learning methods and teaching methodology between her French friends and herself. Therefore, she began to absorb new knowledge and adjust her study habits and methods. Now, she has been exposed to many new courses, such as international contract management, global project management and leadership skills. By learning these courses, she has gained a deeper insight about some issues, such as arrears payment problem in the Chinese construction industry, and plan to deeply research by studying typical academic materials as well as the project case study. The learning experience has given her a deeper understanding of the Project Management and Business Development.

Qing lives in Sichuan, China and can be contacted at

Profile created 25 March 2019

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