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R. Max Wideman

Ontario, Canada
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R. MaxWideman Wideman

Max Wideman
, FCSCE, FEIC, FICE, FPMI, FCMI, is a globally-recognized author, consultant and expert. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on modern project and program management. The Wideman PM Glossary is one of the most widely-referenced lexicons of PM terms and terminology in the world today. For those who wish to use it, with over 6,000 entries, it is available free on-line on his web site at There you will also find details of smaller but more up-to-date industry-dedicated versions available for download at very modest costs. Max’s personal website is one of the world’s best-known online resources for project and program management.

Max Wideman has over 50 years of PM-related experience in a wide range of projects and industries. He is a registered professional engineer specializing in project management consulting. Max is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, a Fellow of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK).

Max served on the PMI Board of Directors as VP Member Services (1984), President (1987) and Chairman of the Board (1988). As Chairman of PMI's Standards Board, Max won PMI’s Distinguished Contribution Award in 1985 and Person of the Year Award in 1986. As chairman, he led a team of PMI volunteers to document the PM Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), published by PMI in 1987. In 2018 he cleaned up his hard copy of that document and, together with the Glossary of the day, he has now made all that available in PDF format via his web site.

Max Wideman is the author of A Framework for Project and Program Integration (PMI, 1991) and Project and Program Risk Management: A guide to Managing Project Risk and Opportunities (PMI, 1992). He contributed chapters to Project Management Handbook (PMI/Jossey-Bass, 1998); Field Guide to Project Management (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1998, 2004) and Project Management for the Business Professional - A Comprehensive Guide (Wiley, 2001). His most recent book is A Management Framework for Project, Program and Portfolio Integration (2004 – Now only available in PDF format).

Max is a former long-time resident of Vancouver, British Colombia where, in 2006 and together with five other enthusiastic PM supporters and a donation of $50,000, he launched the Wideman Education Foundation (WEF). The WEF's goal is to promote project management education through practical project competitions in partnership with educational institutions – in this case with the business department at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC.  Max now resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, so with the help of members from the PMI Chapter in Toronto, WEF has also held very successful competitions there since 2017.

Since 2012 Max has been representing Canada as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with the International Standards Organization (ISO) committees working on Project Management Standards or Guides.

Max can be contacted at His web site is The WEF web site is

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