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Rebekah Knapp

Texas, USA
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RebekahKnapp Knapp

Rebekah Knapp
is the Director of Client Services for Tekzenit, a digital transformation company offering user-experience, design and software solutions using Agile.  She has over 15 years of experience in product development, deployment and management.  Starting in telecom, her first large product launch was enhanced directory assistance with call completion for PrimeCo which became Verizon.  From there, she worked in eCommerce to manage, deliver and enhance products such as DSL (old dial-up for those that might recall), corporate and promotional websites, and entire corporate internet entities including both marketing and operations (think strategy, banner adds, affiliate programs, online sales/sales inventory, customer service, credits/returns, web development, redesigns, channel management – the whole thing).

Often referred to as “Reebok” because of her agility and speed, Rebekah has been able to transform how companies traditionally manage and deliver large projects.   She fills all spare time working with fellow innovators on new product ideas, reading (current business books, classics, and New York Best Sellers), gardening, and spending time with her husband and two teenagers. She currently is on assignment at AT&T with Business Digital Solutions.  Visit her LinkedIn Profile at:

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