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Richard Morreale

Houston, TX, USA
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RichardMorreale Morreale

Richard Morreale
is the founder of Inspiration Systems Inc and is a project manager, professional speaker, consultant, trainer, and author. He has managed projects, conducted training, led workshops and spoken at conferences, company meetings and associations in the US, Middle East, Africa, Asia, UK and other European countries.   His project and program experience ranges from working as part of the Apollo Program Team, helping to put men on the moon (and getting them back), to working as part of the team that computerized the UK Income Tax System. He also led the rescue and delivery of a $450M Program for the 43 Police Forces in England and Wales and directed programs of work for some of the largest companies in the world!

Richard has international experience of founding and leading the growth of a successful Project Management Consultancy in the UK, managing organizations of up to 1200 people for various clients and working in a number of different organizational sectors including Telecommunications, UK Local and Central Government, Financial Services, the US Government, Utilities, Transportation, the IT Industry and Retail.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and on the Board of the NSA/Carolinas Chapter.

Richard is the author of Top Gun Project Managers: 8 Strategies for Reaching the Top of the PM Profession, published in January 2012 by Multi-Media Publications. ISBN: 9781554891139; soft cover, 188 pages – Download the book from the publisher at

Created September 2013

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