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Rick A. Price

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RickPrice Price

Rick A. Price
has over 34 years of experience with Lockheed Martin in Aerospace and Defense across spacecraft, launch vehicle, missile, site activation, and test facility construction programs. Mr. Price has worked with the U.S. DoD, NASA, commercial, and international customers. His areas of expertise include program planning & scheduling, program management, EVM, subcontract management, IMP/IMS development, and major proposal efforts (proposal development, review teams, and subcontract source selection evaluations). Currently Mr. Price is a Project Management and Planning Operations Principal with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. Mr. Price’s current focus involves mentoring, coaching, and teaching program management fundamentals and techniques across Space Systems programs. Mr. Price has written numerous articles featured in in-house Lockheed Martin corporate and company publications. Mr. Price speaks at PMI/CPM practice symposiums and the NASA PM Challenge.

Created September 2015

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