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Robert J. Chapman

United Kingdom
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RobertChapman Chapman

Dr Chapman and Associates

Robert J Chapman
is an international risk management specialist and Director of Dr Chapman and Associates Limited ( He is author of ‘Simple tools and techniques for enterprise risk management’ 2nd edition, published by John Wiley and Sons Limited and ‘The Rules of Project Risk Management, implementation guidelines for major projects’ published by Gower Publishing. He holds a PhD in risk management from Reading University and is a fellow of the IRM, APM and ICM and a member of the RIBA. He has provided risk management services in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Holland, UAE, South Africa, Malaysia and Qatar on multi-billion programmes and projects. Robert has passed the M_o_R, APM and PMI risk examinations and provided M_o_R risk management training to representatives of multiple industries. He can be contacted by email at

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