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Robin Hornby

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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RobinHornby Hornby

After graduating from Queens University Belfast with a degree in aeronautical engineering and a Masters in applied science, Robin’s career began with IBM United Kingdom as systems engineer. Moving to Canada in 1977, he worked in the telecommunications sector as systems planner before embarking on his project management career with DMR Consulting. When DMR expanded overseas, Robin accepted a six-month assignment in Melbourne, Australia, where he assembled a team of DMR consultants to successfully implement a time-critical on-line health insurance system. Returning to Edmonton, he managed multiple government contracts and assumed responsibilities as office development manager.

In 1987 Robin returned to Australia to help establish the Canberra and Perth offices and provide training as part of the acquisition of about 100 consultant staff into DMR. Back in Canada in 1990, he joined the Calgary office of DMR as a member of the management team for DMR Western Region, with responsibility for systems delivery and project profitability. In 1995 he was offered the role of National Delivery Manager for Intergraph Canada, and in a few years returned the services business to profitability. This role continued following the establishment of Tempest Management Inc. (TMI) in 1997 which allowed the pursuit of wider interests including a ten-year affiliation with Mount Royal University to teach the PMBOKÒ curriculum and collaborate in the development and delivery of custom courses for corporate clients.

Robin is the author of three books, most recently Commercial Project Management – a Guide for Selling and Delivering Professional Services. Recent consulting assignments have included project risk reviews, contract reviews, PM coaching, and delivery and project office management roles. His current focus is on writing and conducting seminars on the aspects of project management he believes are neglected – commercial practice, methodology for collaborative procurement of services, and PM leadership to achieve project quality.

Created October 2017

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