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Sonia Bouden

Lille, France
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SoniaBouden Bouden

Sonia Bouden
is a final year double-degree student, studying entrepreneurial and industrial engineering at ITEEM-Centrale Lille, specializing in Production Systems Engineering and preparing a Master degree at SKEMA Business School in Project and Program Management and Business Development.

Great networker, versatile student, with strong organisational and interpersonal skills, Sonia has been involved in many associations, projects and clubs, that allowed her to run interdisciplinary projects and acquire skills in leadership and project management.

She was member of the school board of directors, delegate at Centrale Lille and SKEMA, path career finder at SKEMA, responsible for the Centrale Lille’s female football club, president of the association of Arab students and integration of foreign people at Centrale Lille and in charge of the good relationships with industrials, partners of the school.

She is passionate about horse riding, Rock and Roll (dance), 3D printing and is highly interested in innovation in industry linked to 3D printing and other new technologies including Blockchain, IoT, mainly in healthcare, sustainable development and aeronautics.

Sonia has an experience in production and lean management and is closely plugged in to French, German and Tunisian industries. She is keen on working on subjects related to industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. Through her 16-month internship experience in France, Germany and Tunisia (at EY, Airbus Operations GmbH, Health for development, Furet du Nord) and 4-year experience from school projects in partnership with companies (Decathlon, Adeo, Greenyard, Velux, GrandsEnsemble), she has acquired a good insight on the different companies cultures and a good expertise on different sectors.

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Profile created 25 March 2019

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