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Steve Kempster

Lancaster, United Kingdom
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SteveKempster Kempster

Steve Kempster
is Professor of Leadership Learning and Development at Lancaster University Management School, UK. He has authored the books LEADing Small Business (Edward Elgar) and How Managers Have Learnt to Lead (Palgrave Macmillan), and has co-edited (with Brigid Carrol) Responsible Leadership: Realism and Romanticism (Routledge), Field Guide to Leadership Development (Edward Elgar) and he has published widely in The Leadership Quarterly, Management Learning, Leadership, and other top-ranking journals. Steve’s first career was as a chartered surveyor, during which time he ran his own practice. In his second career, his research and engagement interests span leadership learning, responsible leadership, and through addressing the question ‘leadership for what?’ examines the contexts, purposes, actions and outcomes of those who lead.

Profile created 7 June 2020

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