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Sylvia Karmanoff

Dallas area, Texas, USA
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SylviaKarmanoff Karmanoff

Sylvia Karmanoff
is the Automotive Industry Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for DXC Technologies. She is responsible for developing and driving innovation and digital transformation strategy for automotive industry clients in the Americas.

Throughout Sylvia’s career, she has applied emerging technologies to create innovative solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, big data analytics, Internet of Things, and remote monitoring and control to improve vehicle design, accelerate productivity, and enhance product capabilities within medical device, logistics, oil & gas, and automotive industries. Sylvia is a trusted advisor to government and industry organizations, helping to define visions for autonomous vehicles and associated infrastructure.

In addition to holding executive positions at Intel, General Motors, and other firms, Sylvia founded and ran a consulting practice, leveraging and applying technologies, such as analytics, IoT, VR, AI, miniaturization, and wearables to help clients expand into new markets.  Sylvia was instrumental in developing successful monetization strategies for vehicle telematics, connected vehicles, and connected medical devices. After developing the strategy, Sylvia and her firm led the product and program device (cardiac assist and TAH), Internet of Things, and transportation industries.

Sylvia is a patent holder and invited speaker at conferences and industry events on innovation, intelligent transportation systems, and the Internet of Things. Her higher education degrees include an MS in Computer Science and an MBA. She also serves on several professional and not-for-profit boards, and volunteers as a tutor and mentor for underprivileged children.

Sylvia is based in North Texas, USA.

Profile created 7 February 2020

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